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triCerat Datasheets

triCerat Simplify Suite: For All Encompassing System Protection and Predictability
For system administrators who demand a better way of handling all aspects of the user environment, triCerat has the ultimate solution.

triCerat Simplify Profiles: Rapidly Deploy Customizeable User Workspaces
Maintain uniform desktop space for organizational groups based on their needs yet obtain the flexibility to allow for individual assignments based on user needs and logon location.

triCerat Simplify Lockdown: Application Access Control Center
Vulnerability can be defined in the computer world as a weakness in process, administration, or technology that can be exploited to compromise IT security.

triCerat Simplify Printing: Complete Print Driver Management with Windows Print Server Support
Control all aspects of your business printing from one machine to any printer server.

triCerat Simplify Profiles: Personal Preference and Settings Persistence
End profile corruption. Retain system security and stability. Maintain administrative control over your network environment.

triCerat Simplify Stability: Boost Application Performance and Usability – Automatically
Forbid your applications to take control. Prevent system crashes that arise due to an overloaded system processor and uncontrollable applications.

triCerat ScrewDrivers: The Transparent, Plug n’ Play Printing Solution
Provide superior document handling and print performance for your business.

triCerat PAT: Profile Acceleration Technology
PAT is the perfect profile pet: PAT doesn’t interrupt your work lifestyle with complex installations, user training sessions, or time consuming sys admin management, but is always there to retrieve your profile data when the need arises. The results are simple yet you will immediately experience the difference of speedy login and logout times, reduced network utilization, decreased profile corruption, offline access to profile data, and ultimately happier and more productive users.

Enhancing Enterprise Management of Desktops and Applications
Approximately eighty percent of help desk complaints are user profile-related. Since its inception in 1997, triCerat Inc. has been a pioneer in printing and user management solutions for Windows system administrators. Thousands of clients worldwide depend on us to deliver the realistic and useful solutions to transform complex and mundane registry edits and scripting tasks into a structured and reliable framework. Our alliances with Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware ensure that our software is currently compatible and will remain so in the future.

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